January 28, 2010 at 1:49 pm (in my head, plays well with others, the fam)

Dancing Roommate and I went to a favorite bar last night for a drink. Despite bone-deep fatigue and my own certainty that I’d regret the outing when my alarm went off at 6 am, I was having a good time. DR chatted with a slightly slow Tom Hanks-type and I made friends with the 6’7″ manboy to my left. I can’t say I was interested, but he seemed to be checking his Blackberry in a way that made it obvious he was uncomfortable at a bar alone.

We sat, we chatted, Tom Hanks bought us a second round. The manboy proceeded to get drunk.

Somewhere after his fifth beer (sixth? seventh?) he began to joke with the bartender and other patrons. Suddenly he busted out a “Don’t be Jewish about it, man” to someone, somewhere.

Now I grew up where this is typical. My high school boyfriend AND my high school best friend required some teaching to correct their ignorance, but in a stranger? I don’t handle it very well. That many beers in, I doubt manboy felt the icy chill coming from my direction (which only intensified when he proceeded to make fun of a British woman a few stools down for having “English teeth” — complete with a chipmunk-face immitation), but I didn’t see any reason to either address it or continue my conversation with him.

An hour later we were ready to leave and I called over the man behind the bar.

“I never paid for my first beer,” I said. Because preying on a bartender’s distraction is stealing.

“You’re so honest!” manboy interjected with a tone of incredulity.

“Well, it’s how I was raised,” I replied.

What I should have said was, “It’s because I’m Jewish.”



  1. Jess said,

    I have NEVER heard someone say something like that. I would NOT be happy if I did.

    • BS said,

      Really? It’s about as common as “blonds are dumb” for me.

  2. MJ said,

    I heard that all the time growing up too. I hate myself for not putting those people in their place. I am a different, much more confident person now. I may have knocked that guy’s teeth out. Jewish girls rule bitches!!!!!!

    • BS said,

      It’s not even a matter of confidence for me (or wasn’t last night). I’m not going to argue with a drunk idiot who obviously stereotypes everyone. Better that he have to sit at the bar feeling uncomfortable alone and talk to the back of my head.

  3. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    Oh, I would have been so up in that guy’s grill for saying something so completely ignorant. That’s awful.

    • BS said,

      It just wasn’t worth it. And I’m practically immune to it considering my best friend from high school (dating a Jewish guy) still says things like, “See, but you’re not cheap and YOU’re Jewish.” As if I’m an anomaly.

  4. Bridget said,

    Good for you. That’s just down right awful.

  5. Katie said,

    I hate it when people say shit like that. It really makes me wish I knew the one thing I could say to make them understand why it’s so shitty, but some people are just idiots and nothing you say can help that.

  6. k8 said,

    Sigh. Drunk idiots are not good fodder for the flames, you’re right. He wouldn’t have caught it anyway if he was a sot.

    • BS said,

      He spent most of the night trying to insist that he wasn’t an alcoholic. Methinks the manboy doth protest too much.

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