Friday Four +

February 12, 2010 at 2:38 pm (Friday Four)

One of the great things about working from home is being able to have a beer with lunch. However (and it’s a big however), I really need to remember that I have no tolerance. Seriously. So in an effort to kill this buzz I’m talking to all of you instead of work.

One Blue Moon. Sheesh.

Even though my Blog Valentine gift is late in going out (I really am sorry, really.), I already have in my hot little hands the one I was to receive.

1) Nilsa rocks!
2) How fun is it that I ended up being matched to someone who is actually a blog friend (and would be, as she puts it, a “down the street” friend” if she didn’t live in Chicago)!
3) Included in the package was the best red nail polish EVER (OPI Red). It makes me happy just sitting there on my bureau. I’ve already put it on one toe because I couldn’t wait. So I’ll be going out dancing tomorrow night with one red toe. It’s like Michael’s single glove, but cooler.

I’m saddened by Alexander McQueen’s death on a level that surprises me. I’m not in the fashion industry in any way and certainly have never met him, but I’m touched by his work. Really. And to think that someone that talented could see life as not worth living breaks my heart.


I’m listening to “Sweet Poison” by Louise Hoffsten.

I’m (re-)reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon.

I’m craving chocolate. In about 5.3 minutes I’m giving in and walking the half block to Wallgreens.

I’m coveting this fun little Robert Rodriguez dress.



  1. Windsor Grace said,

    Wow, that’s awesome. One toe. Cool. And, I’m still jealous.

    • BS said,

      I should organize a St. Patrick’s Day exchange. Wait…are you allowed to ship booze across state lines?

  2. Jess said,

    I feel the same way about Alexander McQueen. And now I’m also very upset about the Georgian Olympic athlete who just died on his last training luge of the day. Ugh.

    • BS said,

      I hadn’t seen this until after I read your comment! I also hear that they played the footage over and over again. Terrible. Just so sad.

  3. k8 said,

    Whee! I love that you got a present! I wish I would have known about it in time to participate! I just drew a stick figure family for a blogger friend who has no idea it’s coming in the mail.

    • BS said,

      Love it. I should start sending people letters for no reason. Nilsa did that a while ago and it was great. Real mail is like a present in and of itself.

  4. amber said,

    I know exactly what you’re saying about Alexander McQueen. I’m far from fashionable, but I know his work. I think when anyone with so much talent and potential dies, it just sucks. Another light went out.

    • BS said,

      “Another light went out.” Exactly.

  5. Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said,

    Awww, again, so glad I got you! Plus, I like to think I remember a little something about you and seem to recall red being one of your favorites (hello red lips!). Hope the single-toed dancing expedition was fab this weekend!

    • BS said,

      Red IS one of my favorites. I have a mani/pedi scheduled for Saturday and I can’t wait for ten red toes instead of just one!

  6. MJ said,

    The thing I love most about workig from home is getting to wear your PJs and slippers all day. Add a beer at lunch and presto! Life is good…

    • BS said,

      I was showered and dressed by 10am! Crazy, right?

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