Getting all proactive on that pesky pendulum

February 24, 2010 at 6:02 pm (plays well with others, present)

Do you ever feel that the goodness in your world is out of balance? That lately you’ve been taking more than giving? That your friends have been spending too much time listening to “OMG he didn’t call!” or “OMG he did!” instead of talking about their own successful (or humorously miserable) dates? That you’ve received too many favors and flowers (*sigh* flowers) and rides and free Little Star pizza lunches? That you’ve been saying yes too often to offers to help you move furniture (“and oh, by the way, we’ll bring you food”) or deliver a latte before you’ve truly woken up or remind you daily to breathe?

Well I’m there. I’m SO there.

So tell me, what can I do for you?



  1. Jess said,

    I think it’s awesome that you’re having this kind of moment. Even if you’re ready to find a bit more balance. You deserve to be pampered every now and then!

    But, if you want to do something for me… are you giving out the passwords to those other posts? Because I am very curious.

    • BS said,

      Thanks, Jess. But I do truly enjoy doing things for others as well and I was SERIOUSLY pampered this weekend. *sigh* Flowers.

  2. k8 said,

    IT all works out in the end, my friend. Enjoy it.

    • BS said,

      I’m trying. It’ll take some practice.

  3. Windsor Grace said,

    It does all work out in the end. Sometimes you need and take and other times you give.

    • BS said,

      Maybe I’m just in the mood to give. I’d offer to knit you something, but you REALLY don’t want that, trust me.

  4. Shelley said,

    I’m with Jess – all the way. You made me stop short and really think for a minute there!

    I’d like your password too. Pretty sure it’s safe – I’m not your mom or your employer. : )

    • BS said,

      It should be in your in-box!

  5. Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said,

    It’s a good thing you participated in that Valentine’s Day exchange. That way you could actually dote on someone else for a change!

    In life, there are ups and downs. There are times when you need to take more than you give. And there will be other times when you give more than you take. So long as everything balances in the end, it’s all good.

    Now about that chocolate I was craving…

    • BS said,

      It was fun to buy presents for someone else! Then again, I keep a list all year long of gift ideas for friends, co-workers, and family. I like to give presents for no reason too.

      Too bad my chocolate bread pudding doesn’t ship well…

  6. amber said,

    I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, actually. (You have an uncanny ability to broach topics that’ve been lurking in my subconscious that I would otherwise not mention). I had surgery, of course, but my friends and neighbors have been going out of their way to do nice things for me.

    I feel spoiled!!

    • BS said,

      Yes, but I would bring you back to you had surgery! People should be doting on you. 🙂

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