I swear I’m actually in a GOOD mood

March 11, 2010 at 3:22 pm (It's all about me)

If you’ve been following along on Facebook (yes, I know that doesn’t apply to most of you), you’d know that my day week has been full of bitching. I know I seem all sweet and innocent and SUPERDUPER POSITIVE, but I’m not. I mean, I am…usually, but today and yesterday (and the two days before that) I’m annoyed (not to be confused with unhappy, because I am do-a-little-dance happy on a regular basis since, say, three weeks ago). And I’m going to talk about it. In list form, natch. But don’t worry, I’ll then go on to talk about awesomeness. And hiding the Harry Potters (which sounds like, but is not, a game for sexytime…pervs).

Annoyances (on a scale of 1 to 5 eye rolls)

There’s a girl in dance class who is awesome. Like AWE-SOMMME. But…she’s a hair-flipper. She kind of reminds me of this. And it’s distracting. She’s sharp, fast, clean, and strong in her movements, but I’m distracted by all that hair. We’re not Vegas showgirls–put it away already! I give it 1 1/2 eye rolls.

Zooey Deschanel. Yeah…I’m over her and hoping everyone else will be soon. I give it a full 5 eye rolls. So over it I don’t care if I get dizzy from all the eye-rolling.

An inability to find Ommegang Abbey Ale around these parts even when I can find Three Philosophers and Rare Vos. I give it 3 eye rolls. Want. Ommegang.


I’ve come to love Tuesdays. You see on Tuesdays, there is street cleaning on my side of the very busy street on which I live, so cars typically don’t park on either side of my driveway. This makes it infinitely easier to back out of my driveway and safely into the lane without being plowed into by someone super eager to get to the Financial District and makemoneymakemoneymakemoney. It also means that I get to start my morning without having to fantasize about taking a baseball bat to the massive Escalade parked well into the red and past the curb break. Tuesdays: officially my new favorite day.

Rappers and Great Works of Art is the best thing I’ve seen, since, well, this.

I found quark! It’s American and not authentic German quark, but still…quark!

Hiding the Harry Potters (still not a game for sexytime)

I moved some furniture around two weekends ago, including bookcases. Instead of being hidden from any regular sightline by my sofa, my lowbrow “literature” was now on display. I could practically hear it scream out, “She watches Celebrity Rehab too!” I had to do something and I knew it (and now I’m admitting it). I carefully moved Locke and Hobbes and Stegner and Gilchrist to the visible shelves and moved the Harry Potters to the back. Because you know you judge.

So tell me, what annoys you, what’s awesome, and how do you pretend to be more of an intellectual than you are?



  1. Stevie said,

    Oh god, I’m with you on Zooey. I’m really not into the whole “I’m a strong woman who doesn’t need love” character. 500 Days of Summer? No thanks. Joseph Gordon Levitt was freakin adorable, but she ruined it.

    And you know who else annoys me? Miley Cyrus. She makes me want to kill babies. And I LOVE babies.

    • BS said,

      Oh Miley Cyrus! Yes, excellent addition to the list. It’s a silly reason to despise her, but why is she incapable of standing up straight?!

  2. k8 said,

    Annoy: Gay Boyfriend Right NOW. I WANT TO KILL HIM ON THE REGULAR. sorry for the shouting.

    Awesome? Frankly, I’m in a horrible mood, so everything sucks at the moment. Maybe cheese? Cheese is always awesome.

    And I’m kind of a smartypants, so I really am intellectual, but someone called me out on the fact that I own both an Eminem and Black Eyed Peas CD and I was all like, “What? I’m supposed to like the freaking symphony?!”

    • BS said,

      The shouting is necessary on occasion and cheese IS always awesome.

      The odd thing is that I’m not actually at all insecure about my intellectual abilities, just overly concerned with appearances, I think.

    • BS said,

      And, see, I DO like the symphony.

  3. Bridget said,

    What annoys me? Manboys who won’t man up. Corporations who dump more and more responsibilities on their employees and refuse to give them benefits/vacation time. The economy. People who make assumptions and don’t listen when I try to clear the air. Sorry. I am not in the best frame of mind.

    What’s awesome? My friends (who aren’t loose canons). My dog. My house. Music. Spring is coming. Cooking for loved ones.

    I pretend I’m smarter than I am by talking about my Amazon.com wish list, not what I have actually read.

  4. Amanda said,

    Annoy: I used to feel sort of irritated by people who refuse to capitalize (particularly the letter “I”) when typing on keyboards. But lately this trend has been pissing me off more and more. It’s like a couple of my Facebook friends noticed one person doing it, and now NOBODY capitalizes anymore. I want to reach through the screen and slap ’em.

    Awesome: My new radio with iPhone mount, through which I can blast internet radio like Pandora, or my beloved Minnesota public radio station (as I no longer live in MN), The Current. (LOVE The Current.) An afternoon of great music makes me happy.

    Intellectual Pretense: Keeping the Locke, Hobbes and Stegner (or in my case, the Montaigne, Foucault and Sartre) and on the shelf next to the Harry Potters.

    Although I disagree that Harry Potter is lowbrow, I won’t make the same argument for the Twilight stuff that is…also on the shelf. But hey, I read *Dostoevsky* too, so I can’t be blamed for occassionally slumming it. Right?! Um…yeah.

    • BS said,

      I lost it on my high school boyfriend when he refused to punctuate sentences on Facebook while attacking my baseball affiliation for no good reason whatsoever.

      This new radio sounds pretty amazing. Care to share specifics of brand, model, etc.?

      Twilight hasn’t (and honestly, likely won’t) make it to my shelf, but you’re braver than I to display it with confidence!

  5. Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said,

    Annoyance: That asshole guy across the alley who disappeared for the last 4-5 months is back.

    Awesomeness: We can only presume he went to prison for that time … and prison was not kind to him … he’s gained probably 30 pounds and it looking a lot tubby.

    Intellectualness: I participate in a book club with a bunch of women who are way more well-read and better spoken than I am.

    • BS said,

      How can you tempt him to violate his parole?

      • Bridget said,

        And this response is one of the many reasons you rock. (Thanks for making me giggle!)

  6. amber said,

    How I pretend to be more intellectual than I am: I use big words.

    Simple, direct. I’ve always had a great vocabulary, and in MT not a lot of people do. You hear a lot of “I ain’t seen that” <—which makes me want to slit my wrists, and causes me to talk like a stuffy professor even more, because it has to rub off on them eventually, right?

    • BS said,

      My vocabulary improves in my hometown for just the same reason.

  7. Windsor Grace said,

    I couldn’t read past the Zoeey hating because I love her and I thought we were friends? How can you be over her? She rocks? I feel like she represents all that I stand for. She sings, she’s a weirdo, and possibly socially awkward, she’s an artist and she has great hair!! What’s not to love. I mean, kick a puppy why don’t you…grrr at you lady.

    • BS said,

      I don’t feel like she’s genuinely a weirdo. I think she just plays one for attention and THAT I’m over. Particularly since I live in San Francisco where weird is the new black. If you are ACTUALLY a weirdo, then hats off to you and we should be friends again.

  8. Jess said,

    Zooey Deschanel falls into the category of People Who Think They’re Cuter than They Are, and Act Like It. UGH.

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