Draft, anyone?

June 24, 2010 at 10:32 am (It's all about me, shopping)

On Tuesday night, after a wonderful pedicure (ooh! indulgence!), I made my way over to The Man’s house. I was quite proud of how quickly I’d packed, thinking to bring a Thursday outfit as well as a Wednesday one, just in case. On Wednesday morning, I woke, showered, set out the floaty white skirt and salmon top I’d planned for the day, and thought “Oh holy fuck.” You see, my friends, I forgot one all important item. An item I really need and never go without. An item I most certainly can’t borrow from The Man. An item only Lindsay Lohan doesn’t wear. Yes, I forgot undies.
Chones. Pahnts (in Britain). Underthings. Knickers. Unmentionables. Skivvies. Panties. No matter what you call them, I didn’t have them.

And because of my packing oversight, my first experience going commando will not be with a hot, tight little number on a red carpet. It won’t be at a sexy celebratory dinner with a special someone. Forevermore, my first experience going commando will be an 8:00 am trip to Target to buy 5 pairs for $20 while wearing a fleece jacket over a white skirt and praying to the weather gods that there would be no skirt-lifting breeze.



  1. Jess said,

    Bwahahaha. I mean, oh dear. But really I’m just cracking up.

    • BS said,

      Once I made and put on the Target purchase, it was funny. Before that? Not so much.

  2. Bridget said,

    It’s a really good thing I was alone in the office while reading this because there would be no other way to explain my laughter except, “I’m doing exactly what I shouldn’t be.”

    Well played, Marilyn! 😉

    • BS said,

      Thankfully there are precious few subway grates in that area!

  3. amber said,

    The first time I went pantyless I had just moved and started a new job, and wasn’t unpacked yet. On my first day I couldn’t find ANY underwear anywhere. So I went to work without panties, and felt soooo exposed all day long.

    • BS said,

      Oh my! You’re much more brave than I!

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