August 12, 2010 at 5:24 pm (in my head, It's all about me, present, shopping)

Below, my recent obsessions.

1. The Man’s cat was bleeding late last night and mewing with big sadkitty eyes, so we ended up at the emergency vet’s past midnight. This morning, after what I can only assume was a harrowing night of shaving, draining, and cleaning a ruptured abscess, the poor guy looked like this:

Kitty John tries to look dignified

And I realized that this is one of my favorite adorably pathetic (pathetically adorable?) things. Furry animals in cones!

2. Furniture with silhouettes of turned legs made out of industrial materials.

This was on Etsy, but apparently someone else was obsessed with it too as it has disappeared.

Image from IKEA

3. Approximately 1/3 of the items in the Christie’s Interiors, South Kensington, June 22 auction catalogue including these girly chairs with upholstery that looks like kitchen towels, these Greek key handled silver salts, a pair of Arts and Crafts menu holders, and all of the Ronald Searle cartoons.

Image from Christies.com

4. Super pig and other whimsical meat sections art.

Super Pig, drywell art by alyson on Etsy

5. This dress-me-up/dress-me-down silk georgette Shoshanna maxi that should arrive next week. Particularly with gold accessories and a salmon silk wrap.

Image from bluefly.com

6. “Slow” everything, but particularly this Slow Home Manifesto from Department of the Interior.

7. My new fun little scarf/wrap that is big enough for the beach and light enough to wear through a San Francisco fall.

8. Maceo Parker at Stern Grove.

9. OPI’s new Swiss Collection, especially Ski Teal We Drop.

Image from eBay (cleopatrastyle-usa)

10. Burpees. I effing hate these things, but if the (free to me) personal trainer tells me they’ll boost my metabolism in a hurry, then I’ll push on through and learn to love them.

Image from marinesmagazine.com...I think

11. The facade of the Paul Thiebaud Gallery in North Beach. Talk about announcing your visual brand language from the sidewalk!



  1. Jess said,

    The cat! Oh, the poor cat.

    • BS said,

      He’s much better now, but still wearing (and hating) the cone.

  2. Koko said,

    Super Pig Super Pig Super Pig. Super Ham! I adore it.

    • BS said,

      Perfect kitchen art, I think. And preferable to hanging an Oliveira near cooking hazards 😉

  3. amber said,

    Super pig! *giggle* I also love the nail polish. I’m currently obsessing over every possible shade of red known to man.

    • BS said,

      Nilsa sent me OPI Red as a secret valentine gift and it’s still my favorite. I think it’s called Red because it’s the perfect shade of that color.

  4. alyson said,

    hello there!

    Thanks for the super pig shout out. 🙂 He’s one of my favs. And ALSO thanks for pointing me in the direction of that fab nail polish. I’ve been looking for that color…

    • BS said,

      Super pig is brilliant! And I can’t wait for my Ski Teal We Drop pedicure.

  5. Amanda said,

    OOooh! I want that nail polish. Blue nail polish doesn’t get old for me – currently I own three bottles containing variations on navy.

    I always like those silhouette IKEA tables, but it bothers me that they are so much more expensive than other IKEA fare. “You are still IKEA!” I say to the table. So I never buy them.

    And there are few things more adorable than cats and dogs wearing Elizabethan collars. 🙂

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