Do I get a free phone if I renew my contract with you fine people?

January 4, 2011 at 5:01 pm (It's all about me)

I was all set to make a return to the land of the living blogging, when I got notice that WendyB was kicking me off her list. Well-deserved, certainly, but I must also thank her for saving me from having to think up a subject worthy of a return post. I have excuses for my absence, but I shan’t be sharing them…yet.

Now, on to this beautiful new year (full of posts).

P.S. This makes me the blog equivalent of one of those January gym people, doesn’t it? …fuck.



  1. WendyB said,

    You’re back!!!??? Really? I’ll update my post!

    • BS said,

      Really really. And for good!

  2. k8 said,

    You’re just fine. Keep writing. We’ll keep reading.

  3. It’s been kind of a big week « Busty Satan said,

    […] been thinking even more than usual. There were the info sessions, the pre-requisite classes, the studying, the standardized test taking, the essay writing, the applying, and the interviewing. And then there was the waiting. To sum up the waiting, it sucked. I am not […]

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