Friday Four

January 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “Sh-Boom Sh-Boom” by the Crew Cuts.

I’m reading the same article everyone else is. (To sum up my thoughts: 1) She obviously defines success in a narrow and specific way 2) Plenty of kids enjoy an activity before they’re good at it. I chose dance at age three. 3) My parents spent quite a lot of energy trying to convince me that it was OK to get an A- because I was the one obsessed with my grades. God, I love them. 4) Anecdotal evidence says that children raised this way grow up to be number crunchers and worker bees instead of innovators and leaders.)

I’m craving old-fashioned fondue. The cheese version that’s a little boozy. Perhaps I can convince The Man to take me here.

I’m coveting this Beyond Vintage striped blouse, which is, sadly, sold out.

Beyond Vintage top. Image from


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