There’s a reason green is the color of envy

January 18, 2011 at 4:33 pm (It's all about me, past)

Here’s what Angelina, Mila, Catherine, and Kyle Richards all know: there is nothing more glamorous than dark hair and emerald green. In fact, Catherine knew it before. And so did Angie. Hell, even Scarlett knew. You think that hat ribbon was an accident? Fiddle-dee-dee.

But as I was reading WendyB’s post about the fashion impact of Grease, I remembered my original brunette in green: Cyd Charisse.

Still from Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Debbie Reynolds is sweet in Singin’ in the Rain as the woman with the golden voice (even though that voice actually belonged to Betty Noyes) and this is undoubtedly one of the best of the MGM musicals of the era, but I watch the whole film just waiting for Charisse’s turn as a flapper seductress. When I saw the film again as an adult, I became obsessed. I ended up with a cashmere sweater in that color (since passed on to my mother because crew necks and boobies do not get along) and a slinky low-cut top. I even tried for a Robert Rodriguez dress but, alas, it looked terrible on my shape. I still search for the color everywhere, convinced that I am at my most attractive with a pale face, dark hair, and brilliant emerald somewhere on my body.

Charisse’s dance scene with Gene Kelly is here, but my favorite dance sequence with the leggy dancer is this one from The Band Wagon:


What is your most notable movie-influenced fashion choice?



  1. WendyB said,

    Funny! I will say my movie-influenced choice was biker jackets and shiny leggings, just to go with my post today 😀

    But it’s true!

    • BS said,

      Is it wrong that Catherine Zeta-Jones’s biker jacket in one of the Ocean’s movies is what made me want one?

  2. Amanda said,

    Ha, I always loved the cut of Maria’s skirt in “The Sound of Music” when she sings “I Have Confidence!”, the one that Marta points out is “the ugliest” she’d ever seen. I finally did find one like that, only a little shorter, and I bet even Marta would approve of the material. I used to fantasize about getting married in a dress like Maria’s, too, in the same film!

    ADORE/D Angelina in the emerald dress/earrings. I wish my ears were pierced so I could get some (fake versions) like that. As a brunette though, at least I can still hold out hope for the perfect emerald dress.

    • BS said,

      A Sound of Music themed wedding, then? 😉

  3. amber said,

    I don’t really have a movie that comes to mind, but I am THRILLED that you are blogging again! I missed reading your posts, a LOT. No joke. Also, emerald green is awesome. Completely agree.

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