Yet another regional feud?

January 26, 2011 at 5:52 pm (It's all about me, present)

“Did you see that woman?” my friend asked.


“She was in sneakers.”

“Sneakers? Like…”

“Like Working Girl.”

[Aside: Why can I not find a photo of Tess in her white high tops? I scoured the interweb for, like, five whole minutes people. To me the sneakers-with-hose-and-a-suit is as iconic (albeit horrifying) a fashion moment on film as that ugly gray sweatshirt.]

We laughed at the silly doctor. Or professor. Or banker. In her ugly, but “sensible” shoes. And then we thought for a bit. Don’t we wear flip flops with everything? After all, this is California. Northern California. I own 10 pairs of Reefs and wear them for the walk from the train*. Even with skirts, even in winter. I change into heels when I get to the office, but that’s no different from Ms. Working Girl who does the same when she gets to her office, one presumes.

Is there a difference? My friend argued that there is, but she’s a Californian too. So I put it to you.

Is it more acceptable to wear flip flops for your commute to work than to wear sneakers?

*In Boston I had snow boots that served the same purpose.



  1. WendyB said,

    I have a horror of flipflops except on the beach and for pedicures.

    • BS said,

      That’s generally how I feel about boots unless there’s snow on the ground…and more than 3 inches.

  2. pseudostoops said,

    It’s the same thing, totally. Comfy shoes for commute. Just most places flip flops aren’t practical much of the time- wet, cold, etc. I do flip flops in summer, snow boots in winter, chucks all other times.

    • BS said,

      Chucks are a statement in and of themselves.

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