BS’s thoughts on love, minus the BS

February 11, 2011 at 2:20 pm (It's all about me)

In his extreme youth Stoner had thought of love as an absolute state of being to which, if one were lucky, one might find access: in his maturity he had decided it was the heaven of a false religion, toward which one ought to gaze with an amused disbelief, a gently familiar contempt, and an embarrassed nostalgia. Now in his middle age he began to know that it was neither a state of grace nor an illusion; he saw it as a human act of becoming, a condition that was invented and modified moment by moment and day by day, by the will and the intelligence and the heart.

~Excerpt from Stoner by John Williams

Love is plastic and what we make it. No one is perfect or even perfect for us, they just are. And if we choose to love someone, then we must choose that every day. My mom once told me that it’s never even. At the time, I thought she meant that one person always loves the other more than s/he loves him/her, but that wasn’t it. It turns out that she meant it changes. On any given day you might be the one loving more or the one loving less. You might go months of loving more. Or years. And that’s terrifying. It means being vulnerable and out of control and scared that what is important to you can always be taken away. Fuck Corinthians, love is BRAVE.


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  1. Brudget said,

    Amen times infinity.

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