Friday Four

July 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to more A B and The Sea! I think we’re going to see them at Wente Vineyards.

I’m reading Netherland by Joseph O’Neill and it’s possibly the most mournful portrait of being lonely, but not alone.

I’m craving Three Twins Roasted Peach ice cream. Their Strawberry is hands-down the best I’ve EVER had and I would expect the same of the peach.

I’m coveting more glassybaby votives in every color of the rainbow. M gave me a red one for my birthday–which was also our third(?) date–and I love anything ROY-G-BIV these days.

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Friday Four

June 17, 2011 at 12:14 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “It Was a Good Day,” by Ice Cube. Because this viral (marketing) video had M wanting to hear the original.

I’m reading Wingshooters, by Nina Revoyr.

Wingshooters by Nina Revoyr

I’m craving linguine with the pesto I made (by hand, because Heidi told me to) last night, but it’s kill-a-vampire garlicky and we’re going to the fair tonight with friends…who aren’t vampires.

I’m coveting a striped blazer. Or a shiny one.

Torn by Ronny Kobo Kat Striped Blazer. Image from

Elizabeth and James Emery Blazer. Image from

Rag & Bone Sullivan Jacket. Image from

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Friday Four

June 10, 2011 at 3:27 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to A B & The Sea, “Take It Easy.” They sound like a modern version of the Beach Boys. Plus they’re local.

I’m reading watching Dexter, Arrested Development, and My Drunk Kitchen.

I’m craving the Birthday Cake flavor from Rick’s Rather Rich Ice Cream. I’m always a chocolate girl, but this was truly birthday cake in a cup.

I’m coveting this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, which is strange because it would look terrible on me. And I don’t love Marc Jacobs anything (despite a couple of successes). I hunted this thing DOWN. It appeared in an email ad for shoes and I went off searching. I think it’s the color-blocking that’s drawing me in.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Image from

Because that dress is such an unusual love for me, I’m adding an extra coveted item. Like this ASOS satchel. More color-blocking! Plus I think ASOS has some of the best designed bags out there at this price point. I’m dying to find out how the in-person quality compares.

ASOS Leather Color Block Satchel, Image from

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Friday Four

May 20, 2011 at 3:37 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel. It just seems fitting.

I’m reading “Ten Life Lessons You Should Unlearn” by Martha Beck (via Windsor) and letters to crushes (because I’m holding back from publishing my own about the new boyfriend).

I’m craving summer cocktails. And a deck.

I’m coveting a Kate Spade dress, DVF bedding, and a blouse in vintage lingerie hues to soften and sexify my new pencil skirt.

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Friday Four

May 13, 2011 at 12:00 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “Kick Drum Heart” by The Avett Brothers.

I’m reading Faithful Place by Tana French.

I’m craving a plate of amazing seafood (The Man’s legacy will be my love of oysters) from Anchor Oyster.

I’m coveting this Tibi silk skirt. And this one.

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Friday Four

March 25, 2011 at 10:06 am (Friday Four, shopping)

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been raining in California for what feels like months (and I was in Hawaii last week). The sun peeks out for a moment (sometimes while it’s still pouring down) and then the clouds roll right back in. Days upon days of this. I’m considering building an ark. In any case, it explains the longer-than-average reading list and the covet section that looks like I’m going duck hunting in Britain. (Do they even hunt ducks in Britain?)

I’m listening to the playlist I call, “Rainy Days and Mondays.” And not just because of the weather.

I’m reading Apollo’s Angels, Me: Stories of My Life (which I never finished), Bargaining for Advantage (still) and The Enchantress of Florence.

I’m craving sukiyaki from Teshima’s.

I’m coveting rain boots–either short or tall–and a Barbour jacket (actually, the jacket has been on the list for nearly a year), which is somewhat annoying since I spent most of last week dressed like this (though I never pulled the skirt up to flash a little cheek as this lovely model has seemingly been instructed to do).

Hunter rain boots (image from

Loeffler Randall rain booties (image from

Kamik rain boots (image from

Barbour International Jacket (image from

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Friday Four

February 25, 2011 at 10:24 am (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “Windows Are Rolled Down,” by Amos Lee.

I’m reading Bargaining for Advantage by G. Richard Shell. Don’t hold his Wharton creds against him (sorry Future CEO).

I’m craving ice cream. I haven’t had sweets since Saturday. Though I haven’t exactly missed them (and I feel SO much better!), I think a little splurge is in order.

I’m coveting something sort of resembling boots. It’s totally bizarre. I hate boots like I hate techno (the former makes my feet claustrophobic, the latter makes my heart paranoid), but this has been a seriously wet winter (when it wasn’t warm and sunny–I love SF weather) and I’m breaking down. Of course I love these Loeffler Randalls, particularly when there’s talk of snow in the city (, but these stylish Hunters would make me dance in the rain too.

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Friday Four (the almost all covet edition)

January 28, 2011 at 11:19 am (Friday Four, shopping)

I’m all kinds of excited/nervous about something happening on Monday and it seems that when I don’t want to fixate (and worry), I shop. Not buy, mind you, as my bank account is still enjoying a spending freeze so that I can pay for my soon-to-be-due car registration (unpaid parking tickets add up…oopsie), but I can look. A lot.

I’m reading The No Asshole Rule. Or, you know, thinking about reading it.

listening to watching versions of Swan Lake in an attempt to kill the visual of Natalie Portman trying to dance. (The Black Swan post is coming.) I love Sofiane Sylve (one of my favorite dancers, period) and Maria Kochetkova (lovely in the SF Ballet Swan Lake) in particular, but I’ll even take Gillian Murphy’s emotionless technique (and floppy feet).

I’m craving whiskey (see preface about fixating above).

I’m coveting so, so, SO many things. Here we go.

The Mulberry Tillie

Mulberry Tillie. Photo from


This ASOS satchel (I’m veering into Splurge vs. Steal territory, but I won’t stay long).

ASOS Leather Vintage Style Satchel. Photo from


These studded flats from my favorite brand for flats.

Loeffler Randall Shireen flat. Photo from


These red for Valentine’s Day, 1940s-esque platforms from Topshop.

Lacrosse Red Suede Sandals from Topshop. Photo from


And, finally, this Lela Rose gown (we’re not acknowledging that it’s meant for a specific event, so shut it). P.S. I have absolutely no need or expected need for this anytime soon, I just don’t want to acknowledge that I’m in love with a W-word dress.

Lela Rose dress. Photo from


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Friday Four

January 21, 2011 at 1:49 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to Adele’s new album.

I’m reading contracts for work because I’m sick/working from home today.

I’m craving won ton soup and Sudafed.

I’m coveting this minimalist Nanette Lapore dress.

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Friday Four

January 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm (Friday Four)

I’m listening to “Sh-Boom Sh-Boom” by the Crew Cuts.

I’m reading the same article everyone else is. (To sum up my thoughts: 1) She obviously defines success in a narrow and specific way 2) Plenty of kids enjoy an activity before they’re good at it. I chose dance at age three. 3) My parents spent quite a lot of energy trying to convince me that it was OK to get an A- because I was the one obsessed with my grades. God, I love them. 4) Anecdotal evidence says that children raised this way grow up to be number crunchers and worker bees instead of innovators and leaders.)

I’m craving old-fashioned fondue. The cheese version that’s a little boozy. Perhaps I can convince The Man to take me here.

I’m coveting this Beyond Vintage striped blouse, which is, sadly, sold out.

Beyond Vintage top. Image from

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