Where I Stand

I believe in representative democracy, kissing on the first date, wine on an empty stomach, sandals in winter, and sprinting the end. I believe that dancing can be a spiritual experience. I believe comfort does not require sacrificing style. I believe my left thumb is adorable and my pinky fingers look freakishly small. I believe that convertible pants, Crocs, and the “art” of Thomas Kinkead are signs the apocalypse is near. I believe store-bought cookie dough is an abomination. I believe in loyalty, forgiveness, skinny dipping, and trying the things that scare you. I believe in erring on the side of overdressed, giving presents for no reason, and putting mustard on my soft pretzels. I believe in coffee – lot’s of it – and real whipped cream in small doses. I believe in the snooze button, sleeping in, cool sheets and warm towels. I believe uniforms are sexy. I believe in alone time, date nights, girls’ nights, and mental health days. I believe that you can’t change someone else, but that people can change. I believe the sky is at its most beautiful on the coldest of nights. I believe every woman should own a piece of clothing made just for her. I believe I’ll dye my hair red when it starts to gray. I believe in mourning your failures for a week, tops, before picking up and moving on. I believe in sarcasm, wit, and the healing power of chocolate pudding made from scratch. I believe heaven involves wine, puppies, baseball, ballet, brownie sundaes, and shoulder freckles.

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