Another year passes…

March 6, 2006 at 4:26 pm (Uncategorized)

I was told it was the best spread yet…but I was on Dayquill and could have been delusional.

The menu for my fourth annual Oscar’s Soiree consisted of:

Alsacian Tarte with bacon and onions
Fig and ginger jam, gorgonzola and fresh arugula pizza
Shrimp with champagne beurre blanc
Sweet and spicy candied pecans
Brie baked with dried apricots, apples and chambord
Chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream

I spent Saturday in bed battling a strange cold/flu thing, so spending Sunday in the kitchen (literally I was cooking and/or cleaning for 7 hours) was not as exciting as it would normally have been, but surrounded by my friends’ laughter, tasting the fruits of my labor and hopped up on cold medicine, it all seemed worth it.



  1. winnekat said,

    Mmm. I am sad to have missed it. I had my own Oscar soiree, though:
    -soy wasabi dip with vegetables
    -Nigel Slater’s red onion Parmesan tart
    -bacon-wrapped shrimp and scallops
    -teriyaki chicken wings

    No bread pudding though. I miss the bread pudding. Yours is the best I’ve ever had!

  2. BS said,

    Mmm, your menu sounds mighty delicious too! Next year we should be true celebritants and jet set from my party in Boston to yours in Seattle. Or at least share recipes.

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